Friday, September 18, 2015

Dropper post on On-One 456 Evo2

Previously, it was never occurred to me that I ever need a dropper post.  It was for 2 reasons: -
  1. It is expensive,
  2. I can easily make do without it with butt-behind-the-saddle technique.
For what a dropper post worth for, it lower your seatpost without the hassle of unclamping seatpost clamp whenever you are tackling a tough descend.

Lucky me, I was presented with a rare opportunity of getting my hands on it for mere a fraction of the cost.  The catch are, it is 4 years old and without remote trigger.

My conclusion in a word = AWESOME

In a sentence = My second best upgrade after longer travel fork.

The function of a dropper post is a no-brainer but the ability to lower the seatpost in a fraction of time helps me to enjoy the trail more.

Benefits of lowered seatpost as oppose to butt-behind-the-saddle is a better control of handlebar. Butt-behind-the-saddle has a drawback of extended arms and torso that cause limited navigation of the handlebar. While is wasn't much of a problem for a short stretch of descend, prolonging the extended arms and torso on longer descend can caused fatigue.

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