Monday, May 11, 2009

KLMBH Epic '09

Nothing much to brag about apart from able to finish it 2 hours after ride buddy Shaque. Met Mr and Mrs Irwan of Subang Bestari at CP4. Mrs Irwan helped my daughter during BTP hash. Leg was good, no cramped whatsoever until I squatted to change my puncture tube.

Mr and Mrs Irwan after CP6 (last checkpoint)
From KLMBH Epic '09

Akmal Hizam from Plentong, JB
From KLMBH Epic '09

Wishful thinking, I could have been finished it earlier if...
1. Didn't chat & smoke at CP2 (20 minutes)
2. Didn't chat & smoke at CP3 (20 minutes)
3. Didn't chat at CP4 (15 minutes)
4. Didn't puncture my tube while bombing down gravel (20 minutes)

Wahh.. that was 1:15 hours I could had save :)

Me and Shaque had a mutual understanding. Though we came together, we ride according to our capabilities. Keep it at our own pace so that the fast one (Shaque) won't be holding back, the slow one (me, all the time) didn't exert beyond my fitness capacity. This concept is applicable for hash/race outing, where paper is our guide for the route. Riding in less obvious trail requires a buddy system for safety reason.


akmalhizam said...

Huhu... Ada gambar aku la...
Nice meeting you again, man.
Kau tau dak, Fino & aku punya la teruja tgk kau makan kari kambeng tu, kitorang pun cedok jugak.

Good experience for me, the bash.

Unknown said...

Superb kari kambing dia.. Kuah pekat kasi banjir.. arrhhh nikmat!!