Monday, May 18, 2009

The man who can't get enough

Apparently, my Shogun is back, hitting the road. I put it to rest for a month after I sold it's 27" wheelset due to issue with "chain line" on single speed.

Long story short, an offer made by Mr Beskal on his XT shifter and RD left me with surplus Deore RD and shifter from Spesh. Fitted Shogun with read shifter & Deore RD, with a little tweak on Hi & Lo settings on the RD, I run it on 5 speeds only. This is due to maintaining the "chain line" within tolerable limit since I run on single chain ring (without FD); a potential disaster shall the chain derail from the chain ring.

Deore RD, 9 speed cassette and a pannier rack

I decided to set the record straight; Shogun for commuting, Scott for the trail, and Spesh for my version of road bike. Clearly, each bike has it very own setting that suit most for its intended purpose.

Riding Spesh to work is fast, however with a back pack on my back, thing gets a little warmer and steamy under the wind breaker. Thus Shogun is an ideal bike since it fitted with pannier rack that will easily take 20kg on it. My first encounter riding Shogun with back pack on the pannier rack was a pleasant one. Less steamy and better body movement to observe the traffic. Downside, a little awkward light feels on my front wheel as most weight is being shifted to the rear wheel.

My official commuting bike :)

My previous post on Denda
Someone peeled off the warning sign this morning and I swear it wasn't me.. Seriously :D

The usual parking spot. Now without the warning sign ;)


akmalhizam said...

A perfect evolution. I missed the chance to see your offroad rig during the bash.
As for the signage, good for you. Mine is still there.

Unknown said...

Ala.. making do with what left in the "garage".

Yeah... my Scott miss you too ;) hahaha!