Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The man who didn't leave on time

I was late. Time was flying by.. 10 minutes late than usual. Taking a Shogun shall slow me down due to rolling resistance of knobbie tire. Yesterday I clock 50 minutes. Quickly dismantle lights and lock from Shogun and fit it on Spesh. The bell rang from nearby school indicating 7:30am.

From usual relax to heart-pumping mode, I took the motorcycle route between cars. Left most side of the road always jammed up with: -
  • buses - who stop whenever/wherever they like
  • pedestrian - standing on the edge of the curb waiting to cross the road despite the existence of overhead crossing
  • queue jumper - cars coming out from no where and find other people time is less important than theirs
1 motorcyclist swerved in front of me gets a "nice and friendly" verbal remark. As a friendly Malaysian, we exchanged remark over high speed chase (his high speed motorcycle against my high speed heart rate).

I reached office 8:10am. Another rush for breakfast and shower before taking a sit and start working.

Lesson learnt
Next time, leave by 7:15am or take the motorcycle.


akmalhizam said...

Eh? I didn't notice that your shogun is using knobbies.

Huhu... tak boleh tidak, keluar awal is a must. I hope that in the future we don't have to face any of those racing to work again. Aku penah kena dulu, gile penat seyy...

Unknown said...

Dah tukar balik slick. Penat la knobbie ni :)

Tobat tak mau racing dah.. kut tayar pancit, sure punch card merah!