Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The man who didn't leave on time

I was late. Time was flying by.. 10 minutes late than usual. Taking a Shogun shall slow me down due to rolling resistance of knobbie tire. Yesterday I clock 50 minutes. Quickly dismantle lights and lock from Shogun and fit it on Spesh. The bell rang from nearby school indicating 7:30am.

From usual relax to heart-pumping mode, I took the motorcycle route between cars. Left most side of the road always jammed up with: -
  • buses - who stop whenever/wherever they like
  • pedestrian - standing on the edge of the curb waiting to cross the road despite the existence of overhead crossing
  • queue jumper - cars coming out from no where and find other people time is less important than theirs
1 motorcyclist swerved in front of me gets a "nice and friendly" verbal remark. As a friendly Malaysian, we exchanged remark over high speed chase (his high speed motorcycle against my high speed heart rate).

I reached office 8:10am. Another rush for breakfast and shower before taking a sit and start working.

Lesson learnt
Next time, leave by 7:15am or take the motorcycle.
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