Monday, March 21, 2011

Should Muslim girls observe hijab from a young age?

An article excerpts from Parenthots.  

Hijab in short is cover the entire body except for the face and hands

Haza Zean had wrote it better definition of Purdah, Hijab, and Niqab here.

Associate Professor Dr Tuti Ningseh Mohd Dom said
1. One becomes accountable for one’s own actions upon reaching puberty thus would be preferable if she gets used to it way before she gets her first menses
2. Parents are the best people to provide this sort of guidance for their children
3. A Muslim is someone who willingly submits to Allah and obeys all His commandments
4. A girl should only do it for the sake of Allah. This is not possible if she has not learnt of His love and how to love Him.

A commentator Shammy said
1. And as a muslim, first and foremost, explicit ibadah as such must be followed without question.
2. Like any other good habits, hijab should be nurtured from a young age and also should be lead example by the adults in her life
3. Children are our amanah in this world, and as parents we are obligated to teach them Islam.

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Anonymous said...

Salam Dino.

I agree that acts of worship and submission to Allah should be nurtured from a young age.

However, we must not forget that they must be done with proper understanding. Like the case of the hijab, IMHO, we need to explain to our daughters WHY they must wear the hijab, instead of just stressing that it is a command from Allah or it is a sin not to.

If an act of worship makes sense to a child, then it can be molded into a habit.

Most of the time, we can see that the problem is, we do not really understand why we are doing the deeds.

Unknown said...

I agreed that whatever make sense will be easier to digest or to make our kids understand :)