Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Car Audio that works for me

The original audio set that came with the car was with MP3 decoder.  It plays MP3 files on CD until one fine day, the CD stuck and refuse to come out.  I was longing for headunit that takes flash drive over USB but the price wasn't within my budget.  Alternatively, I looked for headunit that has Auxiliary input (this input takes typical 3.5mm audio jack) and I found 1 dirt cheap model by Sony.

Sony CDX-GT180 (see here

Cost me RM188 plus another RM20 for installation.  With this Auxiliary input, I can hook-up my phone and play MP3 files with the sound routed to the car audio system.  Shall voice call comes in, I can answer the phone and talk normally, handsfree!  Once the voice call ends, the MP3 will resume.  Even GPS navigation from Nokia E63 (with external Bluetooth GPS receiver) can be heard loud and clear.

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