Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Favorit bicycle

After a short ride with Pak Sham last night, I offered him to take a look on issues that bugging him on his road bike. To my surprise it was a 1975 Favorit road bike made in Czechoslovakia. I myself getting excited on restoring the condition of the bike.

Pics from Karavshin's Flickr

The following are what I had in mind and yet to share it with Pak Sham: -
1. remove the spokes (later replace it with a new one)
2. polish the wheel
3. clean up the hubs, cassette, chain
4. replace hub bearing and relube
5. replace headset bearing and relube
6. check the bottom bracket
7. restore the other parts and repaint if necessary

Knowing him as an avid antique collector, he would want it all in original form :D
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