Monday, July 21, 2008

Fuel Consumption of my new car

I bought my version of SLK (Small Little Kancil) few weeks back. It's 850cc and manual transmission. After a few much-needed fix, I start clocking the FC just for the record. Roughly I gained about 15km per liter for town driving (15% of the time with aircon).

Last weekend, I took the whole family to wife's kampung (180km away from KL). With full load of human, aircon all the way, maintaining 3000rpm (merely over 80km/h on PLUS highway!).

Result (as oppose to our mini MPV)
1. Better FC (18km/liter as oppose to 11km/liter)

1. Travelling time (30 minutes more)
2. Wife suffers backpain (seat has no lumbar support)
3. Kids wrestle for the right of their butt space
4. Being treated like a 3rd class citizen by those luxury cars & evo/impreza wannabe zooming left (on emergency lane) and right


Noreane said...

Dude, after yesterday's feast, how does your SLK smell now? LOL ;)

Unknown said...

Durian fragrant for sure!! :))