Saturday, July 12, 2008

Raising a daughter

This morning, when I woke up, my eldest was in our room. I asked her to come closer and we had a talk, a session that I had missed for quite some time. Watching her grows beyond my pair of eyes and now she's almost as 5 feet at age of 10!

Raising a daughter at this new era where it wasn't safe enough to let them play outside, predator just wait for the right moment and next thing we know, it become the headline. I am torn between letting her socialize and being safe at the same time. Let alone the challenges of the bad influences she may has pick up from peers.

Apart telling her how to take care of herself physically whenever she's out there for school or Al-Quran class after Maghrib, telling her the right thing to do and to avoid picking up the bad influences from peers somehow has a very thin line separation.

From now onwards, I should lessen my cycling outing and spend more time with the love one.

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